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Summer Safety Tips For Protecting Childs From Heat

In summer, bright sun and harsh wave create hottest weather, which is tough for human body, especially for kids. It is very essential to protect children from excess heat and keep them secure from other medical problems occur due to summer heat. Here are some tips helps in taking care of your child in this summer:
Sunscreen: Use sunscreens with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 or greater which reduces the intensity of UVRs and protect skin from sunburns. Before your child goes out in the sun, apply generously sunscreen before 15 to 30 minutes, so it can absorb into the skin and secure from sunburns and tanning.
Proper Clothes: Dress up kids with light weight comfortable cloths and hat which cover their body completely and protected from ultraviolet rays.
Plan Playing Schedule: It is really important for parents to plan playing schedule of their kids and save them from summer heat. Schedule their playing time in morning and evening, and try to avoid peak-sun hours between 11 am to 4 pm or as much as possible.
Follow Water Rules: When kids are playing in the water or swimming pool, just make sure that they follow all water rules and play safely in the water.
Avoid Dehydration: Make sure the kids should drink liquids in good quantity. Due to heat, body gets dehydrated, so it is important to drink lots of water and drinks to keep body cool. Symptoms of dehydration are thirst, dry or sticky mouth, headache, muscle cramping, irritability, extreme fatigue, weakness, etc., which parents should consider when their kids are active in summer heat.