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  • Free Registration for User/Patient.
  • You can free view/search doctor's profile.
  • Recieve Free Vaccination Details as Reminder of your child via SMS and Email.
  • Free Appointment Booking with Healthcare Specialist or your doctor.
  • User can view upcoming appointment(s) and booked appointment(s) history with any doctor.
  • You can post your review, rating and query to any doctor(s).
  • Discussion with Doctor(s).
  • Recieve free health Tip/Blog posted by any Doctor(s) or Healthcare Specialist.
  • Recieve SMS/Email alert on booking of appointment with doctor(s).
  • Recieve advice and tips on HIV/AIDS problems from our Experienced Doctor(s) .

Healthcare Specialist
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  • Unique Time management concept to increase Patient inflow in off peak hours.
  • Unique Feature to manage upcoming schedule(s) to Create/Change/Delete/Offer Discounts.
  • Any user/Patient can view your online profile, your profile visible globally.
  • Your clinic contact details available for all users to reach you.
  • Receive SMS/email alert on online booking of appointment(s)
  • Receive SMS/email alert on manual booking of appointment(s) by doctor himself for patients.
  • You will know in advance upcoming appointment(s) of today and for future date.
  • Post free health Tip/Blogs on portal.
  • Receive direct query from patients.
  • First 2 months enjoy premium membership for free.

* Note: One time registration fee @ 500 Rs. It may be revised as per action taken by eSS.