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Frequently Asked Question

What is ? is a step forward in providing access to qualified doctors in the country. However, eSwasthyaSeva itself is not a medical service; it enables patients to book appointments online with doctors. Being a portal, eSwasthyaSeva increases visibility and accessibility to health care and also reduces the wait time for patients. Appointments can be booked online with reminders being sent on SMS to both the patients and doctors.

"Patients can also review the performance of the doctors and give their feedback. For those patients who are not comfortable with the internet, there is also the facility to book appointments over telephone,"

We would like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to register on this portal and avail the following benefits.

How is it useful for User/Patient ?

User/Patient membership.

  • 1. Free Basic Membership, no annual fee or registration fee.
  • 2. You can free view/search doctors profile.
  • 3. You can free book online appointment(s) with doctors.
  • 4. Get SMS/email alert on booking of appointment with any doctors.
  • 5. Get Free vaccination details via SMS and Email of your registered child.
  • 6. Get free health Tip/Blog posted by any doctors.
  • 7. You can view upcoming appointment(s) and appointment history with any doctors if any.
  • 8. You can post your query, review, Vote and rate your favorite doctors.
  • 9. You will get additional discounts on Health card.

How is it useful for Doctor/Health care Professionals ?

For Doctor/Health care Professionals.

  • 1. Free Basic Membership, no annual fee or registration fee.
  • 2. Unique Time management concept to increase Patient inflow in off peak hours.
  • 3. Unique Feature to manage upcoming schedule(s) to Create/Change/Delete/Offer Discounts.
  • 4. Any user/Patient can view your online profile, your profile visible globally.
  • 5. Your clinic contact details available for all users to reach you.
  • 6. Receive SMS/email alert on online booking of appointment(s)
  • 7. Receive SMS/email alert on manual booking of appointment(s) by doctor himself for patients.
  • 8. You will know in advance upcoming appointment(s) of today and for future date.
  • 9. Doctor can create, Change, Delete and offer discount on any of his/her future Schedule.
  • 10. Post free health Tip/Blogs on portal.
  • 11. Receive direct query from patients.
  • 12. First 3 months enjoy premium membership for free.

I am a doctor how I can register myself on this website?

It is very simple, will take about 5 min to register you and basic membership is free.

Please Download user manual Create Doctor Profile, it will help step by Step Registration Process on this portal.

Please make sure your Medical Council of India or State Medical council Registration id is required when you register on this website. It will not be visible to Patient it will required for your verification and validation purpose only.

I am having hospital how I can register my hospital on this website.

Please download user manual How to Register Hospital. It will help you step by step Hospital Registration Process.

I have already registered my hospital how I can manage my Departments, Doctors list and Schedules.

Please refer/download user Manual, How to manage Hospital.

I am a User /Patient how I can register myself on this website.

It is very simple, will take max 5 min to register you and basic membership is free.

Please Download user manual How to Register User/Patient.

I am a doctor how I can maintain my schedule.

Please register your profile and basic membership is free. Request to upgrade your membership for Premium or Show case Membership. Your Premium membership is free for first 3 months.

Will I get notifications for my online booking appointments with the doctor ?

Yes, eSwasthyaSeva's SMS and email notification will send you text SMS and email to your phone and your registered email ID after booking an appointment with doctors.

What is Vaccination/Immunization Reminder system?

Vaccination Reminders are generated on the basis of date of birth details provide by parents during enrollment of kid. Reminders send through SMS and emails free of cost.

do I need to pay for Vaccination/Immunization Reminder system?

It is completely free for parents and users. You just need to register and enroll your kid.

How I can register myself on website and enroll my kid to receive free SMS/email reminder.

Please Download user manual How to Register User/Patient. Once you complete your registration please download User manual How to enroll Kid to complete kid enrollment .

I do not have doctor’s mail id, how I can enroll my child for reminders?

Ask your doctor to join eSwasthyaSeva and tell basic membership is free for doctors also.Once doctor registered on website you can enroll your kid. Even if doctor is not register with eSwasthyaSeva you can still and enter his/her mail id, so that he/she will also receive email notification about your kids vaccination due date.

I am not a technical person, can I still operate eSwasthyaSeva?

eSwasthyaSeva is extremely simple and user friendly.

What software or hardware do I need at my home to avail eSwasthyaSeva's services?

eSwasthyaSeva is a web based solution using Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which runs on your computer connected to internet using browser ( Above IE 8, Firefox, Crome). Therefore it does not require any costly inventory. All you need is an internet connection and a computer to begin using eSwasthyaSeva.